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About Us

Vision: our vision is to achieve 100 percentage natural and herbal cosmetics in the near future in India

Delivering the
Best Natural Products

The Zoo Labs India private Limited is founded by Dr.Ragupathy Ethiraj in the year 2017. In the beginning we are a small scale herbal products cosmetics manufacturer and distributing through out Tamil Nadu. Currently, we are one of the leading natural products cosmetics manufacturer in India. Our distributors are working in PAN India.We are mainly focusing on the Aloe vera mix body lotion, skin care products, Neem based herbal soaps and Ocimum sanction (Tulsi) based cosmetics and herbal tea. We are extracting the antioxidents and other active ingredients from the various herbs which are collected from the Western Ghats of India. Many rare herbs are tested and active ingredients are isolated and indigenous pattent process is in progress. Many rare natural harbal extracts are tested for preparing new formulations of skin care products.